Review of:  A Double Dose of Love

Kathleen Fuller

Fans of Amish romance won't be disappointed with this adorable story!!  I'm excited to see it is the first in a new series by Kathleen Fuller.  Identical twins Amanda and Darla venture to a new community to experience life away from home for the first time.  Darla is intent on finding a husband, while Amanda is intent on keeping on eye on her impetuous sister until she can convince her to return back home to their parents.  The sisters' relationship rings very true to life, as they get into various quibbles and quarrels but their underlying love and care for the other always wins out in the end.  While exploring Birch Creek, the girls met identical twins Zeke & Zeb - who certainly have their own sibling rivalries.  I found the brothers' characters to be a little more three-dimensional and relatable than the sisters, who were so vastly different in personality traits that Darla seemed to be almost more like Amanda's child instead of an identical twin.  The relationships between the four were beautifully developed throughout the course of the book, and I loved seeing how the characters matured as a result, finding forgiveness as well as love.  I especially enjoyed the matchmaking elderly ladies Delilah & Cevilla, who added a special flair to the story and town of Birch Creek!  I can't wait to read the next book. 

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