Review of:  The Coffee Corner

Amy Clipston

Amazingly enough since Amish fiction is my favorite genre, this is my first book by Amy Clipston!  I knew the author's name and have had  her books in my TBR pile for a while now.  This series and book just called to me!  I realize this is the 3rd in the series, but didn't feel that I missed too much background information to understand the characters or plot lines of this story (but definitely feel the urge now to go back and read about Salina's & Christiana's journeys!).  This really is a testament to the author's writing talent.  I loved the characters of both Bethany and Micah, but almost feel they wouldn't be a match since their level of experience and problems are so incredibly disparate.  Bethany is almost child-like, while Micah's life (and choices) have been tragic and hard.  This being said, I still love them as well as the supporting cast and especially the biblical themes.  The use of Pennsylvania Dutch, while certainly appropriate for the genre, was more than even the most well-researched authors use and felt a bit overdone.  But I still loved this book and would definitely read the others in this series for sure!

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